Mindfulness Experiences for the Whole Team

A company wide well-being program offering a self-directed morning practice for two to four weeks to bring calm, focus and increase well being each day. The practice includes powerful and easily digestible content to inspire participation, action and results.


A Unique Wellness Experience

10 minute daily mindfulness activities for employees to practice presence, gratitude, and focus, to release stress and anxiety and bring more calm and confidence. Each activity is supported with digestible information to inspire participation and understand the "why" and potential outcomes, along with easy instructions.


How The Team Will Grow

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where you are, what you're doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what's going on around you. Mindfulness has been shown to improve focus and clarity, develop cognitive ability, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness.

The Mindfulness Experience daily content offers a purposeful mix of methods of meditation, breath work, writing/journal prompts, gratitude activities, acts of kindness and peer recognition designed to improve mental well being and provide employees with quality self-care time daily.

Increase Presence

Reduce Stress

Boost Confidence

Deepen Focus

What Other Mindfulness Experience Participants Said

MIDSIZE DESIGN FIRM - 70% of company team members actively participated in the daily mindfulness activities. 100% of active participants said they would recommend the experience to a colleague or peer.

"The impact of how even the smallest 5 minute activity can change your whole outlook for the rest of the day."

"Having the space to meditate and do self-care during the work day helped with the most stressful days."

"I think it is very important to take a few minutes and work on ourselves to be better with ourselves and in our work."

Meet The Host

Hi, I'm Aura, Founder of 13thrive. I believe we all deserve a life filled with joy, and joy looks different for everyone. After spending 10+ years in corporate HR & Business Management, and never feeling fulfilled no matter how much professional success I achieved, I decided to step away from it all & do some much needed soul searching.

I became a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner & founded this firm with a desire to help people discover their own greatness. I focus on soul-centered leadership and people development strategies rooted in the mindfulness principles of self-awareness, compassion, curiosity and openness.

Aura Telman, Founder


Mindfulness as the term we know it today originated from the Pāli language of ancient India, derived from the word sati (and its Sanskrit counterpart smṛti), used by the Buddha in his teachings over 2600 years ago. The meaning of the word sati translated in today's English is "awareness" or "memory" - commonly referred to as present moment awareness. It's important to acknowledge modern Western practitioners and teachers of mindfulness learned about mindfulness practices and principles from the sacred Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

Elevate your people one mindful moment at a time.