Mindfulness at Work

Build community with your team & lead with joy one mindful moment at a time


At the heart of any thriving business, is a group of visionaries like you, whose commitment to their people and mission is limitless. We partner with you to awaken the rebel leader within and create a work environment that nourishes people’s passions and rallies them together around a common vision.

Aura Telman, Founder


We’re a boutique mindfulness consulting firm that collaborates with mission driven companies to create community at work and elevate leaders to self-empower so they can be more present and lead people with confidence and joy.
We infuse mindfulness into your organizational culture to create healthy workplaces where people thrive as their authentic selves.

13 | Represents new beginnings, passion & self-expression. This is the transformational work we do with our clients, we help them find their passion and empower themselves through self-expression.

thrive | To grow, develop and flourish. The mindfulness strategies we help your team incorporate into everyday work life help them become more self-aware and grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

We believe that living a life filled with passion and purpose is integral to success. Our mission is to create joyful and inclusive communities in the workplace.



Transform your team through the power of mindfulness. A centuries old idea reimagined for the modern workplace. Imagine being more present in the moment, having the ability to focus, and doing more purposeful work. Envision a self-aware, confident and inclusive leader whose vision inspires the team to grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

We believe people breathe life into every workplace, that's why we're committed to creating an engaging experience for everyone. We focus on building community through shared values, enhancing experience vs. efficiency, the connection between purpose and productivity, and belonging at work.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we're doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what's going on around us. Mindfulness has been shown to improve focus and clarity, develop cognitive ability, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness.

How can mindfulness elevate your team?

Mindfulness at work can help your team foster a culture of openness, inclusion and wellness. We help leaders become more self-aware and resilient, ask powerful questions, remove assumptions and foster a more mindful, curious team environment where people are encouraged to be their best authentic selves.

Aura has helped MOYA translate the firm’s values into a holistic and thoughtful system. Her work has helped set up not only methodical processes that have guided existing and new staff members but also established long-term goals that are diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Aura has taken the time to work closely with each team member at MOYA and has helped them navigate management strategies. Her support and ideas have amplified the company’s message, mission, and values. We are truly excited to be working with her!

Paola M. | CEO & FOUNDER

Aura is very authentic and insightful when she provides coaching and support to leaders. I recently started my own consulting business, and after working with Aura, I was clear on where I needed to direct my focus. She helped me envision a pathway forward that was aligned with my goals and values.

I would recommend 13thrive to anyone who wants to lead and manage in a less prescriptive and more authentic way.

Michelle P. | FOUNDER

She is welcoming and thoughtful and is quickly able to establish a level of trust amongst the team.

She understands the unique challenges that managers and leaders face in their day to day work and offers coaching and concrete steps for consideration when working through any issues that may arise.

I can recommend Aura with confidence knowing that she will be a positive, while staying true to her own values in all the work that she does.

Marianne L. | DIRECTOR HR


Power + Presence + Community

Coaching Programs for Rising Leaders

Tailored coaching programs designed to awaken your inner leader and enable you to self-empower, become more present and resilient.

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Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Engaging workshops for the whole team. Gain tools and strategies for becoming more present & making confident decisions at work.

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Mindfulness Challenges for Teams

30 day mindfulness challenges for the whole team. Empower your team with the tools they need to be more present, resilient & engaged at work and in life.

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Here's what other companies are noticing.

19% less work stress

Google teams attending meditation lessons had 19% less work stress, resulting in enhanced productivity.
(Google SYLI, 2019)

200% return on investment

Germany SAP found a 200% ROI when evaluating the success of a mindfulness program by putting a dollar value on improvement in the areas of focus, collaboration & stress.
(Reuters, 2018)

$3,000 in increased productivity

Aetna implemented a mindfulness program and gained $3,000 per employee in productivity by gaining an hour of productivity each week.
(Aetna + NYT, 2016/2019)

80% of execs report better decision-making

After implementing a mindfulness program, 80% of General Mills senior executives reported that they had improved their decision-making process, and 89% said they had become better listeners.
(Gelles, 2013)


Hi, I'm Aura, the Founder & CEO of 13thrive. I believe we all deserve a life filled with joy and purpose, and after spending ten years in Human Resources Management, I decided to embark on a journey to find my own path. I moved to a Caribbean paradise, stepped away from the 9-5 corporate life, and immersed myself in nature, books, podcasts, and everything I could get my hands on in hopes of finding the perfect answer to what my path should be.

After some soul searching, I became a Mindfulness Practitioner and had an “AHA moment”, that all the answers I was seeking were inside of me, all I had to do was get quiet enough to find them.

I founded this firm with a desire to help people discover their own greatness. I focus on soul-centered people solutions by fusing purpose, passion, and strategy.

When joy is present, people are more fulfilled and inspiration drives productivity naturally.

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Lead with more purpose and foster a mindful team culture.