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mindfulness infused people + culture development


At the heart of any thriving business, is a group of visionaries like you, whose commitment to their people and mission is limitless. We partner with you to awaken your inner leader & create an environment that nourishes people’s passions and joy.

My commitment to all clients:

  • To show up authentically and continue building trust throughout our working relationship.
  • To fully support you the way need to be supported - there are no assumptions in this space about what you need.
  • To listen deeply, hear, acknowledge and uphold your lived experiences.
  • To root all our work in the mindfulness principles of awareness, curiosity, compassion and openness.

Aura Telman, Founder

Who We Are

We’re a boutique mindfulness consulting firm that collaborates with mission driven companies to create community at work and elevate leaders to self-empower so they can be more present and lead people with confidence and clarity.

We infuse mindfulness into your organizational culture and people strategies to create healthy workplaces where people thrive as their authentic selves.

We believe that living a life filled with passion and clarity is integral to success, and our mission is to transform workplaces into impactful communities.

13 | Represents new beginnings, passion & self-expression. This is the transformational work we do with our clients, we help them find clarity and empower themselves through self-expression.

thrive | To grow, develop and flourish. The mindfulness principles we help your team incorporate into everyday life helps them become more self-aware and flourish authentically.


What We Do

Transform your organization through the power of mindfulness.

Imagine being more present in the moment, having the ability to focus and do more deep work. Envision a self-aware, confident and inclusive leader whose vision inspires their team to grow in a healthy and calm way.

Our unique approach to leadership and organizational development is rooted in the principles of Present Moment Awareness, and it follows four key steps: first self-awareness, then leading with curiosity, approaching every situation with compassion and finally intentional openness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are, what we're doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what's going on around us. Mindfulness has been shown to improve focus and clarity, develop cognitive ability, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness.

How can mindfulness transform workplaces?

Mindfulness at work can help you foster a culture of openness, inclusion and compassion. We help leaders become more self-aware and curious, ask powerful questions, remove assumptions and foster a more mindful team environment where people are encouraged to be their authentic selves.

Our clients love us.

Aura has helped MOYA translate the firm’s values into a holistic and thoughtful system. Her work has helped set up not only methodical processes that have guided existing and new staff members but also established long-term goals that are diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Aura has taken the time to work closely with each team member at MOYA and has helped them navigate management strategies. Her support and ideas have amplified the company’s message, mission, and values. We are truly excited to be working with her!

Paola M. | CEO & FOUNDER

Aura is very authentic and insightful when she provides coaching and support to leaders. I recently started my own consulting business, and after working with Aura, I was clear on where I needed to direct my focus. She helped me envision a pathway forward that was aligned with my goals and values.

I would recommend 13thrive to anyone who wants to lead and manage in a less prescriptive and more authentic way.

Michelle P. | FOUNDER

She is welcoming and thoughtful and is quickly able to establish a level of trust amongst the team.

She understands the unique challenges that managers and leaders face in their day to day work and offers coaching and concrete steps for consideration when working through any issues that may arise.

I can recommend Aura with confidence knowing that she will be a positive, while staying true to her own values in all the work that she does.

Marianne L. | DIRECTOR HR

Our Services

We provide a full suite of services designed to build community at work, bring out the greatness in all leaders, and create engaging employee experiences.


Organizational Culture

Create an healthy work environment where people thrive and feel included, by infusing mindfulness principles into culture and people development strategies. Invite in awareness, curiosity and compassion.


Mindfulness Experiences

A company wide wellbeing experience offering a 4 week self-directed morning practice to bring calm, deep focus and increase wellbeing each day. The practice includes powerful and easily digestible content to inspire participation, action and results. Learn more about this unique experience. Learn more.


Leadership Coaching

Coaching programs designed to awaken the inner rebel leader. Learn to self-empower, become more present and curios. Face challenges with calm not chaos, and make confident decisions while leading with clarity & joy.



Mindfulness as the term we know it today originated from the Pāli language of ancient India, derived from the word sati (and its Sanskrit counterpart smṛti), used by the Buddha in his teachings over 2600 years ago. The meaning of the word sati translated in today's English is "awareness" or "memory" - commonly referred to as present moment awareness. It's important to acknowledge modern Western practitioners and teachers of mindfulness learned about mindfulness practices and principles from the sacred Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

Aura Telman, Founder

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Aura, Founder of 13thrive. I believe we all deserve a life filled with joy, and joy looks different for everyone.

After spending ten years in corporate HR & Business Management, and never feeling fulfilled no matter how much professional success I achieved, I decided to step away from it all & do some much needed soul searching.

Mindfulness had been part of my life for many years, and during one of my breathing sessions, I had an “AHA moment”, that all the answers I was seeking were inside of me, all I had to do was get quiet enough to find them.

I became a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner & founded this firm with a desire to help people discover their own greatness. I focus on soul-centered leadership and people development strategies rooted in the mindfulness principles of self-awareness, compassion, curiosity and openness.

Let's design a meaningful employee experience together.